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Every Member Visits

The name “Pastor” means “Shepherd.”  It is a reminder to pastors that they are shepherds of God’s flock.  They are to help guide the family of believers to hear and follow the voice of the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ.  Your pastors love you, pray for you, and care for you.  Both of our pastors here have done Every Member Visits in the past (Pastor Schwertfeger about 8-9 years ago and Pastor Scott about 5 years ago).  At this time, Pastor Schwertfeger wishes to visit the members again. 

You will get to know one another and your families better and talk about any questions you may have about the faith, your faith, God, or this congregation.  Also, it will be a time to talk about our partnership in the gospel.  What are the strengths and areas of improvement for Zion?  How can we partner better together?  There is a list of questions on the "Every Member Visit Outline" that Pastor would like to go through with you.  Click on the link below to download the sheet or pick one up in the narthex at church.  Before meeting with Pastor please take a few minutes to fill out the sheet.

Plan for the visit to take about one hour.  Pastor is more than happy to come visit you at your house or you may visit him at his office.  Click on the link below to sign up for a visit.  Both day and night times are available.  If none of the dates listed works for you contact Pastor Schwertfeger to set up an alternate time.

Thank you for your time as we work together to know Jesus Christ and make him known to others!

Every Member Visit Outline
Click on the title above to download the Every Member Visit outline form.