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At Zion our goal is to accommodate the needs of any individual who comes through our doors so that everyone can hear the Good News about Jesus.  We have made the following steps to try to make our church accessible.  If you have other needs, or if you have any questions about our facilities, please call our church office at (608) 635-4000 or send us an email.
  • Covered entryway:  You can drop someone off at our covered entryway and then park your vehicle.
  • Elevator:  Our church services take place on the main level, but our Sunday School rooms and our fellowship hall located on our lower level are accessible via elevator.
  • Listening devices:  Our pastor uses a microphone during the worship services, but if you need extra help hearing the service we have earpieces available.
  • Wheelchair seating:  A seating area with extra space for wheelchairs is located in the rear of the church.