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What We Believe

Zion is a confessional Lutheran church.  This means that what we teach remains faithful to the teachings of the Bible as summarized in the three ecumenical creeds and the six Lutheran confessions. 

Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church believes and teaches:

1.  The Bible is the errorless Word of God, written by men who were inspired by the Holy Spirit.  Therefore the Bible is errorless in everything it says, and it is the infallible rule for everything we teach and do.

2.  There is only one true God, the Triune God.  This one true God consists of three distinct persons - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

3.  In the course of six normal days God created the world and everything in it out of nothing, simply by the power of his almighty Word.  The Bible rejects the theory of evolution as an explanation of the world's or man's origin.

4.  God created mankind as holy and sinless, but mankind lost this condition when Adam and Eve yielded to Satan's temptation and fell into sin.

5.  Because of the fall into sin, every human being inherits the guilt and corruption of sin from their parents and is therefore sinful from birth.  So by their very nature people are unable to love God as they should, and are unable to please God by their deeds.  Every person breaks God's law by his thoughts, words, and deeds and as a result is deserving of eternal damnation.

6.  Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God, equal to the Father in every way.  He is also true man, born of the virgin Mary.

7.  Jesus is our substitute who kept God's law perfectly in our place.  When Jesus died on the cross he paid the full price forthe sins of the whole world.

8.  When we have been given faith in Jesus Christ as our personal Savior, we have complete pardon for all our sins and become children of God who will inherit eternal life in heaven.

9.  People cannot come to such a faith by themselves.  The Holy Spirit creates faith in mankind through the Word and sacrament of baptism.  Faith, therefore, is a gift of God for which mankind deserves nocredit.  However, it is man's own fault if he does not believe.

10.  The Holy Spirit also creates in us the ability and the desire to lead a new and changed life which is devoted to serving God and all people.

11.  The Holy Spirit works faith and the forgiveness of sins through baptism, even in infants.

12.  All who partake of the Lord's Supper receive the true body and blood of Christ, in, with, and under the bread and wine.  Those who partake with faith in the promises of God receive the comfort and assurance that their sins are forgiven.

13.  The true Church is made up of everyone who believes in Jesus Christ as his/her Savior from sin.

14.  Christians are to assemble together with others who have the same faith as they do, and they are not to practice religious fellowship with those whose confession reveals that they persistently teach, tolerate, support, or defend error.  A Christian, therefore, cannot be a member of any organization whose teachings, principles, and activities conflict with the teachings of the Bible.

15.  Jesus Christ will return visibly to judge the world.  All the dead will rise bodily to appear before the judgment of God.  Those who did not believe in Jesus will be condemned to an eternity in hell because of their unbelief.  Those who believed in Jesus will be with God in heaven forever, because their sins have been washed away by the blood of Jesus Christ.


If you have any questions about what Zion teaches please don't hesitate to contact one of our pastors.  They would love to hear from you and discuss God's life-giving Word with you!
This We Believe
For more information, read "This We Believe," a document prepared by our church body (the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod).