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Devotional Books for Adults

Husband.  Wife.  Father.  Mother.  Within our marriage and family relationships we have many roles.  God's Word is filled with wisdom for us in each of the roles that we have.  Through his Word we know that we are all children of God, forgiven by our heavenly Father through the blood of Jesus Christ our Lord.  Through his Word he teaches us what love is and how--and why--to love others: "We love because he first loved us" (1 John 4:19).  Time spent in God's Word at home is important for us personally and time spent in God's Word with a spouse can help a couple to grow closer in God's love.  Devotional time at home does not need to be complicated.  Simply pick up your Bible and start reading!  Some people read one chapter of the Bible each day; others find that reading just one section under a heading works better for them.  Try to do your devotional reading at the same time every day.  Schedule it as you schedule other tasks that are important to you.  Putting it on your digital calendar or adding a reminder on your phone can be a great way to start a healthy habit.

Some people prefer to use a devotional book to help guide them in their study of God's Word at home.  Below you will find some suggestions for home devotionals written with marriage and family relationships in mind.  This list is by no means exhaustive; it is just meant as a starting point if you are looking for some ideas.  More suggestions will be added as this page is developed.  ***Please note that if the book is not from Northwestern Publishing House or Time of Grace Ministries it may include phraseology that promotes decision theology, aka "accepting Christ into your heart."  However, Scripture clearly states and we believe that God chose us (1 Peter 2:9) and that faith is a gift from God (Ephesians 2:8-9).  Please read with a discerning eye, and contact our pastors if you have any questions. 


Stronger Together:  30 Days to a More Godly Marriage by Time of Grace Ministries

Whether you are newlyweds, empty nesters, or self-proclaimed "marriage experts" this 30-day self-guided prayer and discussion book provides growing opportunities for everyone.  This is a great study for those who have large hurdles to tackle and for those looking for some marriage maintenance.  This resource provides Scripture references, prayer, and thought-provoking discussion questions surrounding topics such as:  finances, intimacy, and communication.  This book can be read and discussed in as little as 10 minutes a day making it easy for even the busiest of couples.

2019 price:  Donation to Time of Grace Ministries (click to purchase)


Under God's Sky by John R. Hardison

This collection of over 60 inspirational reflections, each tied to a Bible verse or account, is geared specifically for men.  Each devotion can be read in about 5 minutes.  The illustrations are written from a man's life and reflect on men's roles as husbands, fathers, etc.  It makes one think about what it means to be a Christian man in today's world.  Though this book does not study Scripture in depth, it connects Bible verses to a man's daily life and gives concrete examples of what God is speaking about in his Word.  Men of any age would be likely to enjoy these devotions.

2019 price:  $16.99 from Northwestern Publishing House (click to purchase)


Night Light by Dr. James & Shirley Dobson

This devotional for couples takes about 10 minutes per day to complete and includes 26 weekly themes.  There is a daily devotion with stories written by the founders of Focus on the Family.  There are a variety of devotions centered around the family, the wife, and the husband with quotes from Scripture and insightful questions to discuss.  Although there is a Scripture reference for each devotion, this book uses the verse as a starting point and does not delve into Scripture in depth.  However, it is an uplifting guide for any couple who wants to better appreciate the joyful and intimate marriage covenant that God intended.

2019 price:  $10.23 on Amazon (click to purchase)