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Growth Groups

For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.
Matthew 18:20


We invite you to try our Small Group Bible Studies, or "Growth Groups."  These were started at the request of some of our members.  This avenue of Bible study is designed to help people know one another and grow in faith and knowledge. It is a smaller gathering of people, usually in a member's home, that offers opportunities to grow in relationships with both our Lord and each other.

Because larger group Bible studies are more of a lecture style, it’s more difficult to get into a deep discussion. Because of that, it may also be harder to get to know one another better. The smaller format provides the members of the group a comfortable and enjoyable setting in which to enhance friendships, encourage each other, and grow in our understanding of Scripture.

In general we run three sessions a year with a month off in between for promotion and filling groups.  Usually each session will last around 2-3 months meeting every other week. However, the schedules may vary due to the church year.  This year due to the coronavirus the format may also be different.

Those who are currently involved in Growth Groups really enjoy them and have many good things to say about them.  If you are curious ask one of the pastors, someone who is currently attending, or try one out!
Frequently Asked Questions about Growth Groups

Have you thought about joining a Growth Group?  You might be a little apprehensive because you don't know much about it.  Well, here are some common questions people have and how Growth Groups answer them:
  • "I don't like reading in front of people.  Will I have to do that if I join a Growth Group?"
    • We want you to feel comfortable and grow in faith with fellow believers.  If you don't feel comfortable reading in front of others, that's okay with us.
  • "I don't know enough about the Bible.  I wouldn't fit in."
    • You're not alone.  Let's be honest:  we ALL can learn more about the Bible.  That's why we offer Growth Groups:  to learn more about the Bible in a comfortable and laid-back environment.  If you don't know a lot about the Bible, Growth Groups are a good place to start.
  • "Is it just like every other Bible class?"
    • It's quite different.  At Growth Groups, we talk about last week's sermon and apply it to our lives.  We meet at people's home to provide a more laid-back environment.  There is also time before and after to talk and get to know each other better.
  • "What if I try a Growth Group and it's not for me?  Do I have to keep going?"
    • If it's not for you, don't feel forced to keep attending.  Just talk to your Growth Group leader and he will understand.
  • "It seems like too big of a commitment.  I just don't think my schedule will allow it."
    • Come when you can!  Although we encourage you to be at every session, if you are busy one of the nights a Growth Group is in session, that's okay.  Try to make the next one.  Growth Groups try to tailor to everyone's schedules.