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Serving Our Savior

What is Serving our Savior?  It is a ladies organization that is part of the Dorcas Society dedicated to serving our Savior and our church.  Serving our Savior is organized into nine major areas of service.  Each area of service has multiple activities.  Interested members of Zion can volunteer for an activity, and they will not be responsible for anything but that one activity.  Members may, however, choose as many activities as they would like.  The commitment is for one year.  Each area of service has a Coordinator who will ensure that there is guidance for all activities and that they will be accomplished in a timely fashion.  For more information about Serving Our Savior or to volunteer to help, please contact the church office.

1.  Altar Guild - This group of individuals serves the congregation in the preparation and clean up of Communion, caring of Communion linens, and assisting with the changing of paraments for Sunday worship.

2.  Caring and Sharing - This group of individuals serves the congregation through our quarterly food drives, Wyocena Wheelers, and keeping in touch with Zion's members.

3.  Season Decorating - This group of inidividuals assists the congregation by hanging appropriate banners, ordering flowers for Easter and Christmas, and decorating the altar for seasonal festivals.

4.  Fellowship - This group of inidividuals serves the congregation by serving doughnuts on the second Sunday of each month, coordinating our graduate and veterans recognition Sundays, coordinating servers for our Lenten fellowship meals, organizing our Mission Festival brunch, and ensuring that Baptismal napkins and Cradle Roll are maintained.

5.  Funerals - This group of inidivuals serves fellowship meals after funeral services for our members and their families.

6.  Kitchen Maintenance - This group of individuals serves our congregation by ensuring the our kitchen is well-maintained by cleaning ovens, refrigerator, and coffee pots.  They maintain a working inventory of all kitchen necessities.

7.  Library - This group of individuals is responsible for purchasing any new books, categorizing the books, writing book reports for the monthly church newsletter, and tracking the checked-out books.

8.  LWMS - This group of individuals reports to the Dorcas Society and the congregation on the activities of the Lutheran Women's Missionary Society.

9.  The Display Case - This group of individuals is responsible for purchasing dish cloths and cards to sell.  They will staff the display case each Sunday to assist members who wish to purchase the items for sale.  They also have appropriate seasonal displays each month.