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"Bible Basics" Bible Information Class

“How do I know God exists?”
“Is the Bible really the word of God?”
“Why do bad things happen to good people?”
Have you ever asked questions like these?  Then consider joining the next session of our Bible instruction class, "Bible Basics."  

This class is designed for people (members of Zion and non-members) who wish to learn more about basic Bible truths.  This in-depth 12-lesson class answers many common questions about Christianity, such as the questions above and many others.  Upon completion of this class participants have the option to become members of Zion and join us for Holy Communion.  Even if you are already a member, this class serves as a great refresher course.  (Hey, Confirmation Class was a long time ago for many of us!)

Contact the church office if you are interested in taking this class.  

Tentative Schedule for Bible Basics
Week 1                            The Problem & the Promise
Week 2 The One Eternal God
Week 3 In the Very Beginning
Week 4  Called, Enlightened, Preserved
Week 5 Baptism
Week 6 The Lord's Supper
Week 7 God's Will for Our Lives:  Part I
Week 8 God's Will for Our Lives:  Part II
Week 9 God's High Calling for Men and Women
Week 10 The Truth about the End
Week 11 What Is a Church? 
Week 12 Pray, Praise, and Give Thanks