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Document Downloads
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  Date  Title Author Text
2/18/2018   Getting Rid of Idols Pastor Jacob Scott Genesis 22:1-18 Download
2/11/2018   We All Need This Pastor Schwertfeger Mark 9:2-9 Download
2/8/2018   God Won't Give You More Than You Can Handle Alone Pastor Jacob Scott Job 7:1-7 Download
1/29/2018   Fixing our Focus Pastor Schwertfeger Hebrews 3:1-6 Download
1/21/2018   Called to be a Soul Catcher Pastor Schwertfeger Mark 1:14-20 Download
1/14/2018   Come and See Pastor Jacob Scott John 1:43-51 Download
1/7/2018   Faith Prepared to Answer Pastor Jacob Scott Acts 16:25-34 Download
1/6/2018   The Gospel for All People Pastor Schwertfeger Ephesians 3:2-12 Download
12/31/2017   The Wonder of the Word Pastor Jacob Scott Colossians 3:12-17 Download
12/30/2017   Fly Away Pastor Schwertfeger Psalm 90 Download
12/25/2017   The King of kings is Born Pastor Schwertfeger Psalm 98 Download
12/24/2017   Christmas Is the Season of Recieving Pastor Jacob Scott Luke 1:26-38 Download
12/17/2017   Greatly Rejoice in Jesus Pastor Schwertfeger Isaiah 61:10 Download
12/10/2017   Christmas Prep Pastor Jacob Scott Mark 1:1-8 Download
12/3/2017   Ready for Today & Eternity Pastor Schwertfeger Mark 13:32-37 Download
11/26/2017   On Being a Faithful Manager Pastor Schwertfeger/WELS Stewardship Sermon Series Proverbs 28:19-20 Download
11/22/2017   What's The Secret? Pastor Jacob Scott/WELS Stewardship Sermon Series Philippians 4:10-13 Download
11/12/2017   What is True Love? Pastor Schwerfeger/WELS Stewardship Sermon Series I John 3:16-18 Download
11/5/2017   Moved by The Gospel to Give Our Best to God Pastor Jacob Scott/WELS Stewardship Sermon Series 1 Chronicles 29:1-9 Download
10/29/2017   How To Spend The Night In The Lion's Den Pastor Jacob Scott Daniel 6:10-12, 16-23 Download
10/22/2017   Keeping It in Perspective Pastor Schwertfeger Matthew 21:33-43 Download
10/8/2017   The Faith of Other Folks Pastor Schwertfeger Philippians 1:18-27 Download
10/1/2017   We are the Lord's Pastor Schwertfeger Romans 14:1-9 Download
9/24/2017   Watch Out for Each Other Pastor Jacob Scott Ezekiel 33:7-11 Download
9/17/2017   Worship on Mondays Pastor Schwertfeger Romans 12:1-8 Download
9/10/2017   The Church Will Stand Forever Pastor Jacob Scott Matthew 16:23-30 Download
9/3/2017   Jealous of the Gospel Pastor Schwertfeger Romans 11:13-15, 28-32 Download
8/27/2017   Jesus Walks Above Your Fears Pastor Jacob Scott Matthew 14:22-33 Download
8/21/2017   Longing for the Living God Pastor Schwertfeger Psalm 42-43 Download
8/13/2017   What Would You Ask For? Pastor Jacob Scott 1 Kings 3:5-12 Download
7/30/2017   God's Word: It Works Pastor Jacob Scott Isaiah 55:10,11 Download
7/24/2017   A Yoke of Peace and the Burden of Joy Pastor Schwertfeger Matthew 11:28-30 Download
7/17/2017   You are United with Christ Pastor Schwertfeger Romans 6:1-11 Download
7/9/2017   We Are Zion: Courageously Testify Pastor Jacob Scott Matthew 10:24-33 Download
7/2/2017   We Are Zion: Preach the Gospel Pastor Jacob Scott Matthew 9:35-10:8 Download
6/25/2017   We Are Zion: Desire Mercy Pastor Jacob Scott Matthew 9:9-13 Download
6/18/2017   We Are Zion: Built On the Rock Pastor Jacob Scott Matthew 7:24-27 Download
6/12/2017   The God among Us Pastor Schwertfeger II Corinthians 13:11-14 Download
6/4/2017   The Pentecost Gain Pastor Schwertfeger John 16:5-11 Download
5/28/2017   Jesus Is Praying for You Pastor Jacob Scott John 17:1-11 Download
5/25/2017   Then What Happened Pastor Schwertfeger Acts 1:1-11 Download
5/21/2017   Everything Will Be Ok Pastor Jacob Scott John 14:15-21 Download
5/7/2017   The Lamb of God Leads You Pastor Schwertfeger I Peter 2:24-25 Download
4/30/2017   Hope in Hopeless Situations Pastor Jacob Scott 1 Peter 1:17-21 Download
4/23/2017   Making Known the Pathway to Eternal Life Pastor Schwertfeger Acts 2:14,22-32 Download
4/16/2017   The Risen Lord Pastor Schwertfeger Matthew 28:1-15 Download
4/9/2017   A King Worth Looking At Pastor Jacob Scott Zechariah 9:9,10 Download
4/2/2017   I Am Not Ashamed Pastor Schwertfeger Romans 1:14-16 Download
3/26/2017   It is a Matter of Life and Death Pastor Schwertfeger Romans 8:1-10 Download
3/19/2017   Live as Children of Light Pastor Schwertfeger Ephesians 5:8-14 Download
3/12/2017   The Promise Rests on Grace Pastor Schwertfeger Romans 4:1-5, 13-17 Download
3/5/2017   Unfailing Love and Full Redemption Pastor Schwertfeger Psalm 130 Download
2/26/2017   It is the Journey I Must Make Pastor Schwertfeger Matthew 17:1-9 Download
2/19/2017   A New Approach to Enemies Pastor Jacob Scott Matthew 5:43-48 Download
2/12/2017   Gauging Righteousness Pastor Schwertfeger Matthew 5:20-37 Download
2/5/2017   Going Through the Motions Pastor Jacob Scott Isaiah 58:5-9 Download
1/29/2017   The Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness Pastor Schwertfeger Matthew 5:6 Download
1/22/2017   Fixer Upper Pastor Jacob Scott 1 Corinthians 1:10-17 Download
1/15/2017   Why Are You Here Today? Pastor Jacob Scott John 1:29-41 Download
1/8/2017   The Lord of ALL Pastor Jacob Scott Acts 10:34-38 Download
1/6/2017   A Magi Moment Pastor Schwertfeger Matthew 2:2-12 Download
1/1/2017   With a Purpose to Praise Pastor Schwertfeger Isaiah 43:16-25 Download
12/25/2016   I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas Pastor Jacob Scott Hebrews 1:1-9 Download
12/18/2016   See The Signs Pastor Jacob Scott Isaiah 7:10-14 Download
12/11/2016   What Do You Expect to See? Pastor Schwertfeger Matthew 11:2-11 Download
12/4/2016   There Is Hope Pastor Jacob Scott Isaiah 11:1-10 Download
11/27/2016   You are a Leader for Christ Pastor Schwertfeger Joshu 1:6-9 Download
11/20/2016   For Such a Time as This Pastor Jacob Scott Esther 4:12-16 Download
11/17/2016   Planted by Streams of Living Water Pastor Schwertfeger Psalm 1 Download
11/13/2016   The Gift of Encouragement Pastor Jacob Scott 1 Samuel 2:18-21 Download
11/6/2016   You Are a Gifted Servant Pastor Schwertfeger Matthew 25:14-30 Download
10/30/2016   Truth has a Name Pastor Schwertfeger John 8:31-36 Download
10/23/2016   What Do I Have to Do to Go to Heaven? Pastor Jacob Scott Luke 18:18-27 Download
10/9/2016   Our Master and His Mercy Pastor Schwertfeger Luke 17:11-19 Download
10/2/2016   Is My Faith Strong Enough? Pastor Jacob Scott Luke 17:1-10 Download
9/25/2016   The Pursuit of Your Spirit Pastor Schwertfeger I Timothy 6:6-16 Download
9/18/2016   What A Friend We Have in Jesus Pastor Jacob Scott Luke 19:1-9 Download
9/11/2016   Love The Lost Like Christ Pastor Jacob Scott Luke 15:1-10 Download
9/4/2016   On Being Onesimus Pastor Schwertfeger Philemon 1, 10-21 Download
8/29/2016   A Light for My Path Pastor Schwertfeger Psalm 119:105-112 Download
8/21/2016   Take Jesus at His Word Pastor Jacob Scott John 4:43-54 Download
8/14/2016   The Power of Testimony Pastor Jacob Scott John 4:39-42 Download
8/7/2016   Open Eyes Pastor Schwertfeger John 4:27-38 Download
7/31/2016   Jesus Finds a Searching Soul Pastor Jacob Scott John 4:25,26 Download
7/24/2016   You Need a Savior Pastor Jacob Scott John 4:13-24 Download
7/17/2016   Water at the Well Pastor Schwertfeger John 4:1-15 Download
7/11/2016   From Heaven Bound? To Heaven Bound! Pastor Schwertfeger Luke 10:25-37 Download
6/26/2016   What It Means to Follow Christ Pastor Jacob Scott Luke 9:51-62 Download
6/19/2016   The Christ. The Christian. Pastor Schwertfeger Luke 9:18-24 Download
6/12/2016   Promise with a Purpose Pastor Jacob Scott Matthew 28:16-20 Download
6/5/2016   The Son Lives! Pastor Jacob Scott 1 Kings 17:17-24 Download
5/29/2016   The Gospel of God vs. the gospel of man Pastor Jacob Scott Galatians 1:1-10 Download
5/22/2016   Living Life Differently Pastor Schwertfeger Romans 5:1-5 Download
5/15/2016   Pentecost Power Pastor Jacob Scott John 15:26,27 Download
5/8/2016   Leave Room For God In Your Plans Pastor Jacob Scott Acts 16:6-10 Download
5/1/2016   One Thing's Needful Pastor Schwertfeger Luke 10:38-42 Download
4/24/2016   Show Me How To Live Pastor Jacob Scott John 13:31-35 Download
4/17/2016   How Do I Live with Death? Pastor Jacob Scott Psalm 118 Download
4/10/2016   Identity Pastor Schwertfeger Psalm 16 Download
4/3/2016   Witness the Words of Life Pastor Schwertfeger Acts 5:12, 17-32 Download
3/27/2016   Why Do You Look for the Living Among the Dead? Pastor Jacob Scott Luke 24:4-8 Download
3/24/2016   He Showed Them the Fullest Extent of His Love Pastor Schwertfeger John 13:1-15 Download
3/20/2016   Jesus Christ is Lord Pastor Schwertfeger Philippians 2:5-11 Download
3/13/2016   On Being Tenants Pastor Schwertfeger Luke 20:9-19 Download
3/6/2016   Is Forgiveness Foolish? Pastor Jacob Scott Luke 15:1-3, 11-32 Download
2/28/2016   Be Careful Pastor Jacob Scott 1 Corinthians 10:1-13 Download
2/21/2016   Telling a Fox His Steady Course Pastor Schwertfeger Luke 13:31-35 Download
2/14/2016   The Fight Against Temptation Pastor Jacob Scott Luke 4:1-13 Download
2/7/2016   A Glimpse of His Glory Pastor Schwertfeger Luke 9:28-36 Download
1/31/2016   You Can Do It Pastor Jacob Scott Jeremiah 1:4-10 Download
1/24/2016   You Are the Body of Christ Pastor Schwertfeger I Corinthians 12:12-27 Download
1/17/2016   Big or Small - Jesus Cares Pastor Jacob Scott John 2:1-11 Download
1/10/2016   Remember Your Baptism Pastor Jacob Scott Titus 3:4-7 Download
1/3/2016   The Bottom Line of Christmastime Pastor Schwertfeger I Timothy 1:15-17 Download