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Donation Items for Reach Out Lodi

Reach Out Lodi assists individuals and families in crisis meet their basic living needs.  They devote their energy toward passionately advocating for the needy members of the Lodi community.  During the month of October Zion's teen group Crossbridge is asking the members of Zion to help them gather personal essentials that Reach Out in Lodi will use for families in their community.  Once we are done gathering these items, Crossbridge will head to Reach Out Lodi on November 11th to help stock their shelves with the personal essentials that you donated and get a tour of their facility. Please join Crossbridge in this wonderful opportunity to serve our local communities.
Here is the list of personal essentials. Please drop of these items in the box under the bulletin board at Zion.

Personal Items:
-2 in 1 or 3 in 1 (shampoo/conditioner/body wash
-Body wash
-Women's Shaving Cream
-Men's Shaving Cream
-Men's razors
-Women's razors
-Dental floss
-Body Lotion
-Cough drops
-Toilet paper
-Feminine supplies (Tampons/pads)
-Cotton balls

Household Products:
-All purpose cleaner
-Toilet bowl cleaner
-Paper towels
-Dish soap
-Liquid hand soap
-13 Gallon garbage bags
-30 Gallon garbage bags
-Laundry detergent
-Dryer sheets

Baby Items:
-Size 4 Diapers
-Size 5 Diapers
-Size 6 Diapers
-Baby Wipes
-Diaper rash ointment/cream
-Baby shampoo
-Baby lotion