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Adventures in Christian Living

"Adventures in Christian Living" or "ACL" is a new part of what many may remember as the Pioneers.  The Lutheran Boy and Girl Pioneer programs are designed for children in kindergarten through 8th grades.  This is a fun, family-centered, synod-wide, "extracurricular" group that meets various times throughout the school year.

The goal of the Pioneer program and ACL is to share the love of Jesus with children, thereby teaching children how to serve their Savior, their church, their families, and their community.  Through a variety of events and activities children are taught love for God, respect for his creation, skills for daily life, leadership principles, and more.  A sampling of topics that have been covered in the past include:  nature, camping, cooking, crafts, sportsmanship, and community service.

At Zion the goal for our Adventures in Christian Living program is for families with young children to gather together as friends and to cultivate Christian relationships.  We desire to be a benefit to our surrounding communities as a positive witness for Christ.  We also desire to mentor our children to be leaders.  Our Adventures in Christian Living program is really designed for families.  Parents participate in the activities with their children instead of dropping their children off and picking them up a few hours later.  Christian friendships are fostered not only between the children, but also between the parents.  If you are wondering how to spend quality time with your children without them constantly rolling their eyes at you, ACL may be the group for you!
What's Our Next Adventure?

March 18:  Pine Car Derby

You are invited to join us for some family fun at our Pine Car Derby.  Enjoy quality time with your children and make some memories as you work together on a pine car project.  If you've never done it before we encourage you to give it a try!  Pine car kits are available free of charge on the glass case in the narthex at church.  Kids of any age can make and race cars, and adults can too.  You can work on your cars on your own at home, or if you need access to tools or support come to our pine car work day on Sunday, March 4th at 2:00 pm (call church for location).  The day of the derby is Sunday, March 18th in our church fellowship hall.  On that day we will have a meal at noon with drinks, hot dogs, and pulled pork sandwiches provided.  You are welcome to bring a dish to share to complete the meal.  The races will start at 12:30 pm.
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